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John Bonham Carter

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Scriptwriter & Producer

Corporate videos / Virals / Documentaries / Commercials / Drama / Launches & Events


John creates film content that informs and entertains audiences, elevates brands and converts consumers. He has produced, directed, shot and edited well over 400 film and video projects from wildlife and actuality documentaries to commercials, major product  launches and corporate videos (B2B & B2C) for many of the world's most prestigious organisations and companies.

He has worked in 42 countries, and won over 50 international awards for his work.

Working to a specific brief or helping to write one, he will deliver high-quality, highly original, award-winning work, on-time and on-budget.


I have known John almost as long as I have been in this business. He has what we all love to find ... talent. And he truly cares about everything he does, everything that he touches has the magic and the love from one who knows how to add something special to our world. There isn't a person who has worked with John who I know who hasnt been blessed by his energy he will climb every mountain with you and without you.

Kirsten Cavendish

President at Brainstorm Creative inc
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